With business expectations becoming more on demand and 24/7, it is essential that your critical loads are available 100% of the time with no downtime. An uninterruptible power supply (UPS) provides the consistent and clean power to ensure this is always the case.

Most businesses would be adversely affected if there was an unexpected power failure and many would be unable to operate at all, not to mention recovery time and costs following a power failure. Total mains failures have in the past been the downfall of companies not properly protected. A mains failure may have instant and obvious consequences but there are also many other power problems to consider such as spikes, sags, surges etc. which can also have serious and negative effects on your critical electrical equipment.

A UPS system is employed to supply a clean and consistent supply between the mains supply and any critical electrical load. Although a UPS may form part of your business continuity / contingency plan it can also play a part in the day to day role of increasing the lifecycle and improving the operation of the critical equipment connected to it. If you currently have an older UPS in operation a UPS refresh to install a new energy efficient model can give a good return on investment (ROI) in a relatively short time.

For highly critical loads, parallel UPS with multiple battery strings are recommended to give full redundancy and form highly resilient systems reducing the possible risk of downtime. Modular UPS systems can be a good scalable example of this.

We are capable of supporting nearly all makes and manufacturers of UPS whether directly as a partner such as Salicru and Riello, or by access through our service partner network.

As a total power solution provider, P & I can offer a wide range of uninterruptible power supplies to meet your business needs. We can supply, deliver, install and support UPS from as small as 400VA to several MVA, either as stand-alone units, parallel systems or as part of a complete turnkey standby power solution depending on your requirements.

Please contact us to discuss the best UPS solution to meet your business needs.