Coronavirus COVID 19As a key supplier and maintainer of critical power for key infrastructure, P & I are an essential service and will therefore continue to operate under the current government guidelines.

P & I have put in place very stringent steps as part of our business continuity plan to ensure the readiness of the company to be able to deal with circumstances that could impact on business operations of both P & I and that of those we serve. Additional steps are now in place with specific regard to COVID 19 to make sure that everything possible is being done to prevent the risk of the virus in our workplace, prevent spread of the virus to the community whilst ensuring P & I remain operational throughout these unprecedented times.

All staff have been continually briefed and kept updated on the current guidelines, requirements, details of the virus and advice of standard hygiene precautions and prevention as detailed from PHE (Public Health England) and the NHS that must be adhered to.

All external and internal meetings and external parties visiting P & I remain suspended and meetings will only be carried out remotely by telephone / conference calls until authorised to stop by the senior management team.

All key staff capable of working remotely from home were fully set up to do so in order to continue working, this plan was implemented 2 weeks before the UK lockdown and is fully operational and proven as working successfully.

Essential staff that are required to continue to work in the office, workshops, yard and stores areas observe social distancing and remain isolated by more than 2 meters at all times to prevent risk of possible infection.

Non key members of staff will remain isolated at home as per government guidelines.

Communication channels will remain fully open through use of electronic media and by telephone.

Staff in all areas have access to hand washing facilities on all floors and kitchen areas and to additional sanitisers. Additional cleaning products have been made available to maintain a robust hygienic personal working environment, especially for personal items such as desks, keyboards, phone handsets etc or where the risk of any potential contamination may be higher through routine contact. Additional cleaning routines have been implemented across our offices including sterilisation with particular attention to those frequently used areas, such as door handles, desks and chairs and this will continue until authorised to stop by the senior management team.

All P & I engineers will work in strict compliance with social distancing, keeping a minimum of 2 meters apart from any other site personnel wherever possible. Where multiple engineers are required to work on a single site travel to and from those sites will be carried out individually in separate vehicles.

In order to comply with social distancing, apprentices will until further notice not be attending any sites with engineers.

All staff are rigorously following current government guidelines on social distancing and engineers will restrict as much as possible any contact with all site staff, other engineers or subcontractors while working on sites. The advice for standard hygiene precautions and prevention as detailed from PHE (Public Health England) and the NHS will be followed. Staff that arrive on any site must check that adequate protection is in place to prevent the possibility of infection and that no confirmed cases of COVID 19 have occurred at that site within 14 days. Where there is any additional risk identified or a doubt of safeguarding, our staff will notify P & I management who will provide guidance before any work on that site commences.

Engineers are issued with and will wear single use disposable gloves on arrival at site and safely dispose of gloves on leaving site. Hands will also be washed on departure from site to further reduce any risk of infection. Names of all persons that engineers have come into contact with will be recorded as a precautionary measure on the dynamic risk assessment completed by the engineer prior to work commencing.

Where symptoms of virus occur (persistent dry cough and or high temperature) staff will notify management and self-isolate for 7 days from start of when first felt ill. All named persons that were listed as having contact will be notified of this so that they can take suitable action to reduce any further risk of infection to the wider community.

In the event of any employee from P & I coming into contact with a known source of COVID 19, that member of staff will follow current government guidelines and will self-isolate for 14 days.

If any member of staff exhibits Coronavirus symptoms, they will notify their line manager immediately and seek immediate advice from the NHS online service. If then required, they will present themselves for PCR (polymerase chain reaction) testing at their local hospital or location as advised by the NHS service. Line managers will then report any such occurrence to the senior management team.

If any member of staff is confirmed as having COVID 19 by testing PCR positive they will not be allowed to attend work and will be treated accordingly by medical services.

Staff members that have been in contact with any confirmed case of COVID 19 will also self-isolate as a precaution and directly follow advice from the NHS and senior management team at P & I.

Our supply chain partners are advised to follow all government guidelines immediately and to report any suspected contact incidents or any confirmed cases of COVID 19 directly by telephone to P & I head office.

Where any confirmed or suspected cases of COVID 19 are reported to have occurred on customer sites, P & I engineers will only attend that site if suitable and adequate precautions have been put in place by the site to prevent any possible cross contamination and potential infection of our staff and the wider community.

This document will be reviewed as the situation develops and will be updated as required.