The New Year is starting brightly for P & I

The new year is starting brightly for P & I.


  • Ministerial visit to provide a ceremonial spade in the ground, as our new land begins development.
  • P & I’s new head office starts getting the groundwork.


2016 has started rather brightly for everyone here at P & I with the prospect of the new building having begun development and expected to be fully up and running in the latter part of this year. The 1 ½ acre lot will offer new chances for progress for us and hopefully the surrounding areas.

This month saw the ceremonial spade hit the ground as MP Alan Mak, Minister of State Brandon Lewis and members of Havant Borough Council popped by to see and speak to our Technical Director Paul Terzza, Office Manager Maggie Bentley, New Contracts Manager Jonathon Terzza and our Digital Marketing Executive Joshua Smyth Robins.

When on site we provided a tour and a discussion about how both Paul Benfield and Paul Terzza are local men themselves. The company was created and developed from the bedroom of Paul Benfield and ever since then has continued to grow. As both of our directors have been brought up in the local area it only seemed fitting that P & I put back into the local community, develop more apprentices and hire more local people.

The new building is a chance for us as a company to develop and take on an even larger amount of business than we do now. With state of the art training rooms and work spaces we can develop more people to the great quality and standard that we provide.

All in all, it was a very successful day for everyone involved. With the expectation to be cutting that opening ceremony ribbon in the latter part of this year.




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