S.S. Shieldhall gets lucky as they find the perfect fit to all their generator needs

S.S. Shieldhall gets lucky as they find the perfect fit to all their generator needs.


S.S. Shieldhall is the largest working steam ship in Britain, maintained and operated by unpaid volunteers serving as a part of Britain’s maritime heritage and a member of the National Historic Fleet. This month P & I had the pleasure to complete a deal with the management team of the Shieldhall for a rather bespoke marine specification generator.

The lovely people of the Shieldhall had spent a long two years searching for the right company to develop a very specific marine safe generator to fit their costs. The Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF) is pushing over £6.8 billion into transforming the heritage in the U.K and the Shieldhall is one of over 39,000 projects to be helped by the HLF. Graham Mackenzie and Norman Tulip who work and manage the Shieldhall are very grateful for the money that has been invested.

It has been a long time coming for everyone at the S.S. Shieldhall who first met with P & I in April of 2015 when they first came to us with everything they needed and how it has to fit with maritime requirements.

One of the reasons why they chose P & I was that they knew everything had to be done following the very strict rules that the Maritime and Coastguard Agency (MCA) have put in place. Certain noise levels, fuel types and even what type of casing were issues that had to be put at the forefront and P & I managed the entire project. Everyone involved is extremely happy with the work P & I have provided.

“P & I gave us not only the correct certification but when we visited they also made us feel like they will do their very best to deal with what we need”

The team at Shieldhall has said that without P & I and some other very helpful individuals this might not have been such an easy end to a long journey in search of a critical part in the running of their amazing ship.

What we have done for Shieldhall we would do for any customer, we will always try our hardest to facilitate any need you have.

Shieldhall is located in Southampton with numerous different hire possibilities. For more information, check out:  http://www.ss-shieldhall.co.uk/

If you would also like to check out how the lottery funding projects are going on the S.S. Shieldhall: http://www.ss-shieldhall.co.uk/lottery-project?offset=0




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