Relocation & Disposal

Relocation and Disposal

As changes occur in your business and infrastructure, it is sometimes necessary to have to move your equipment to either a different area within the same building or even to a completely different address. In order to achieve this safely and efficiently, our dedicated engineers will decommission generators and UPS systems and transport them safely and securely to the new location. Any associated UPS battery will also need disconnection and may need to be removed from the cabinet / rack so that they can be transported safely. Once at the destination, all equipment will need to be professionally re-installed and commissioned, our specialist installation teams can carry out any additional electrical works needed to achieve this.

Relocation & Disposal

Where a generator, UPS or batteries has reached its end of life or when they are simply no longer required, they may need to be replaced as part of a refresh / upgrade. P & I are able to fully decommission your old systems and remove them from site.

As a registered waste carrier we are able to dispose of all equipment in an environmentally friendly manner in accordance with waste regulations.

P & I are able to relocate and dispose of any size or manufacturer of generator, UPS or batteries and the works can be completed out of office hours or at weekends to minimise any disruption to your business operations.

Please contact us to discuss the removal and relocation of your equipment.

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