P & I push for power in Gambia

Here at P & I we are always on the lookout for great prospects from the surrounding areas to see if we can develop and nurture talent to help them strive to achieve the most that they can.

For years we have sponsored Team 26 (a local Thundercat racing team) who have had some amazing recent results and continue to push on in their competitions.

However, P & I are always keen to get involved in other areas of the world and in September 2012 we took on our African adventure, where we sent two of our engineers to Uganda to help install a generator.

More recently we ventured to Gambia where we supplied a generator to a local village.

March 2016 Trip 054

We started this project in August 2015 and over the time it has been an amazing project to work on. We worked with the Morgan Clark Foundation to ensure the correct generator was chosen for their needs. Before leaving us on its long journey we carried out a PDI (pre delivery inspection) and full load test to ensure everything would be OK when it arrived in Gambia.

In the village of Jarjari in Gambia they received their generator on 30/09/2015. Using the container which we used to ship the generator, the village was able to get other vital supplies they needed inside this container. From an air conditioning unit and school equipment to fridges and medical equipment.

When the generator was installed, the lovely people over in Gambia had a few issues with the placement of the generator causing it to not work as efficiently as it should. One of our directors Paul Terrza gave constant help every time they contacted us to restructure the base for the generator. Everyone was so grateful for the aftercare we provided.

Jonathan Terzza β€œIt was a great privilege to help support such a worthy cause and to help in the provision of education to children in the Gambia. We liaised with their local installation team to ensure that the generator was installed safely and correctly.”

We had a brilliant time working with the Morgan Clark Foundation, if you want to take a look at any of their hard work: http://morganclarkfoundation.org/

March 2016 Trip 218

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