Training-6One of P & I’s objectives for 2017 is to make sure our sales and service teams have an extensive knowledge of our business. This is to ensure that we can assist our customers over the phone with some of the everyday problems they may face with their critical power equipment. With our aim to have you up and running as soon as possible, this could be made quicker as our office based team can talk you through some of the basic reasons why something may not be working.

For example, if a customer contacts us because their generator won’t start, it could be something as simple as the battery isolator isn’t turned on. To be able to diagnose this over the phone and talk our customers through what they need to do to resolve the problem, will result in being back online in a shorter amount of time and no need for unnecessary call out charges.

In the week commencing 16th January, we kick started this training with our first instalment, the hire fleet. Throughout the week, various staff from both the sales and service teams were invited to our new building (in it’s finally stages of completion) to undertake the first in a series of new training sessions for 2017.

Taking what they had learnt in their classroom-based induction training when they joined the company, they were able to see various sized generators in action. Training & Development Supervisor, Paul Ross, talked our staff through the various parts of a generator and showed them how these differ in placement between different sized generators. To put this into practice, Paul gave our staff multiple customer scenarios meaning they had to put what they had learnt into action.

To finish off the day’s training and to give our staff an idea of some of the challenges our engineers face, they had to manoeuvre a fuel bowser in our P & I Land Rover. This added a bit of fun to the day’s session but importantly illustrated the significance of asking our customers the right questions to make sure consideration is given for challenging locations.

Managing Director of P & I, Paul Benfield commented:

“Staff training and development is paramount to our business and we invest a huge amount of time and effort into our workforce. For our office staff to have the confidence to be able to assist customers, they need to have a broad understanding of the different aspects of our business and that’s what this series of training is all about. We want P & I to be known for excellent customer service whether in the office or out in the field.”