P & I first to respond!

P & I first to respond with innovative fast motorcycle service!                                                 

Honda motor cycle

P & I are very proud to be the first critical power supply company to place skilled personnel on two wheels.

Following customer feedback and assessing our own KPI’s it was evident that response times were being effected by growing traffic congestion, especially in central London and other inner city areas. We identified the need to improve these response times, giving all customers the first class service they have become accustomed to.

With congestion, road works and continuous traffic problems on the rise, combined with the fact that our customers require power 24/7 it is imperative to know that they will only be without power for a minimal amount of time.

Our new rapid response motorcycle we will reach breakdowns more efficiently and have our customers back on line with minimum delay.

Each motorbike will have a specially trained team of riders to cover 24/7 response and the bikes have been modified to use all available space to carry the engineer’s tool-kits and spares.

We decided on using the new Honda NC750X as it’s packed with strong new and improved performance features and built with a refined 750cc engine and long-travel suspension to cope with today’s roads. The bike has a built in tracker system so we can see where the bike is 24/7 back at our control centre.


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