Riello Sentinel Dual UPS

Riello Sentinel Dual


The Riello Sentinel Dual has a practical, modern design and includes several performance advantages over traditional on-line UPS.

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The Riello Sentinel Dual is the new range of high density double conversion online UPS, suitable for powering a wide range of devices such as servers, storage systems, telephony – VoIP equipment, network and medical systems as well as industrial applications. It is also ideal for powering and protecting Blade Server systems with high input power factor. At only 2U, Sentinel Dual is ideal for 19” rack cabinet installations.

The newly-designed inverter is one of the best energy conversion systems on the market, with a 0.9 output power factor and 92% operating efficiency in on-line mode. For business continuity applications
requiring long battery runtimes, battery autonomy can be extended up to several hours using ER models fitted with more powerful battery chargers.

With energy savings in mind, Sentinel Dual is also fitted with a shut-off button to reduce energy consumption to zero during prolonged periods of inactivity.

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Power (VA)

1000, 1500, 2200, 3000