Hyundai HY12000LE-3 Portable Generator

Hyundai HY12000LE-3


The Hyundai HY12000LE-3 is the largest petrol powered 3-phase generator available. Powered by the Hyundai HY2V680 pushing out a massive 20bhp from its 680cc V-twin 4-stroke configuration.

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Product Description

The Hyundai HY12000LE-3 is a large open frame petrol generator which has a maximum output of 10kW, making it the most powerful petrol generator from Hyundai Power Equipment. This machine is the three phase version of the HY12000LE. It’s powered by the Hyundai HY2V680 and pushes out a massive 20bhp from its 640cc V-twin 4-stroke configuration.

Type Full frame petrol generator Max output (W) 11000
Dimensions (mm) 930 x 620 x 710 Net weight (kg) 167
Engine 4 stroke 22hp Noise level (with no load) 70db @ 7m
Output voltage 230/400V Continuous rated output (W) 10000
Output sockets 3 x 16a 230V, 1 x 32a 400V Fuel capacity (ltrs) 25
Max run time (load dependent) 10-15 hrs Fuel Unleaded petrol
Fuel consumption - Starting system Pull/electric start
Features: Easy electric start, Three phase output, Remote key start option available, Portable (includes wheel kit and wheelbarrow handles), Long life (Hyundai V-twin 4-stroke OHV engine) Includes: -