Hyundai DHY6000SE Portable Generator

Hyundai DHY6000SE


The Hyundai DHY6000SE is the new best seller in the diesel generator market. It is a 5.2kw / 6kVa 'silenced' diesel generator which is ideal for home, standby or small business and office backup power. With the DHY6000SE, Hyundai have made it easy to protect your family or business from being left out in the dark.

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The Hyundai DHY6000SE is one of the best selling products in the diesel generator market, providing efficient and reliable standby power to your premises whenever mains power is not available. Powered by a 10hp Hyundai D400 diesel engine, the DHY6000SE can provide 5.2kW of power to your home or business.  Fitted with a sophisticated AVR alternator, the DHY6000SE is perfectly safe to use with all of your sensitive electronic equipment, such as televisions, laptops, mobile phone chargers and more.

Type Silenced diesel generator Max output (W) 5200
Dimensions (mm) 910 x 520 x 690 Net weight (kg) 152
Engine Diesel 10hp Noise level (with no load) 70db @ 7m
Output voltage 115/230v Continuous rated output (W) 4500
Output sockets 16A + 32A 115v, 32A 230v Fuel capacity (ltrs) 16
Max run time (load dependent) 11 hrs Fuel Diesel
Fuel consumption - Starting system Electric start
Features: Low noise level, Best-selling generator, Ideal backup/standby generator, ATS connection and functionality, Stylish look, Emergency stop button, AVR for smooth voltage output Includes: Toolbox containing 230v and 115v plugs, Spanners, Service manual for starting and maintenance instruction