Generator Sound Testing

Generator Sound Testing

Sound surveys are generally required for planning purposes such as determining the exposure to noise of proposed residential sites under Planning Policy Guidance 24. This Policy outlines the considerations to be taken into account in determining planning applications both for noise-sensitive developments and for those activities which generate noise.

Why choose us?

  • We are ISO 14001 and our Company Environmental Rules and Environmental Policy Statement are in place to minimise any impact on the environment
  • We are able to provide quick turnaround time for sound testing.  In many cases, appointment, testing and calculation of results are completed within 48 hours
  • We offer highly competitive prices

In addition to sound testing, we have the experience to suggest ways that you can reduce the noise levels of your generator.

Generator Sound Testing

How we have used innovative ideas to solve noise:

P & I were called to a non contractual site at the Turf Centre.  The customer had purchased a generator via a competitor and the DBA level did not suit the proposed positioning as the offices were within 5 metres. Cowls were manufactured and fitted to the air inlet and outlet ducts with 25mm thick sound insulation cladding.

The drop over canopy interior was also coated in the 25mm thick sound insulation. The DBA level was reduced from 90 DBA at 1 metre to 72-75 DBA at 1 metre.

Lube oil make-up units are often mounted on the engine base. It has been found that on some occasions, the make-up tank empties and over-fuels the sump. It was found that the vibration of the generator when running was bouncing the float shut off valve causing it to open and close, thus acting like a pump. The units were removed from the set base and mounted on unistrut frames, bolted to
the floor. This solved the problem and has since been implemented by P & I at various sites.

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