Servicing & Maintenance

Servicing & Maintenance

So you’ve come to this page, so it means that you have an interest in generator / UPS service and maintenance, but what can we do to make you pick up the phone (or e-mail us) and experience the P & I difference?

P & I offer service and maintenance plans and also ‘one-off’ service and maintenance visits. But don’t just take our word for it:

Generator Servicing & Maintenance

Allow me to say thanks to all of you for understanding our needs and reacting in the way that you did. Excellent!

Syd Barry – Highways Agency

Why are you different to my incumbent provider?

What makes us different is that we have a total solution for the site in the event of failure for contract customers and we have an internal infrastructure to put you first. No more waiting.

This includes being able to provide our own hire sets to support your site (which can be factored into your contract), holding parts kits on site (a ‘crash kit’), and in certain areas on the south coast of the UK, we can potentially offer response time as low as 2 hours to site.*

* depends on location and post code

‘Lightning Fast’ Response:

Our response is ‘lightning fast’ and we will provide an excellent service level and communicate with you at each stage of the process.

Typically we answer the phone within 3 rings and can normally provide a solution over the phone in the first few minutes, no more waiting for call-backs and then having to chase us (which can be typical of other companies), we do what we say we can do, when we say we are going to do it.

Everyone wants to know that their critical standby power is safe. On contract, we will assess the site and the needs now and in the future and advise on what needs to happen with the growth of any load that may be needed in the future, we seek to ‘future-proof’ your site as far as possible.

Benefits of being on contract with P & I:
  • Discounts for multiple year terms and 24/7/365 cover, with response as low as 2 hours.*
  • Discount on our parts (we stock hold our own so we can turn these around to you quickly).
  • Hire sets to mobilize immediately to your site in the event of the generator failing.
  • We build the contract around you – no packages or ‘Bronze/Silver/Gold’ we are not stuck in the last century, your site is individual as you are and we will offer what you need; we are led by you.
  • One visit, multiple visits, load bank testing, thermal imaging, cable hire, generator hire, UPS hire, parts, panels, refurbishment, battery resistive testing, battery replacement, refurbishment, cabling, cable hire, whatever you need – just ask us.
  • Ease of contact – one number to call – one continuous point of contact in the office.
  • Ease of administration – we will send the invoice and the engineers report via e-mail and also advise what parts are needed immediately so that these can be ordered.
  • Priority call-out in the event of overwhelming seasonal demand (winter in the UK).
  • Feedback – we actively measure and encourage feedback from our customers through formal questionnaires, we are committed to a ‘customer first’ ethos and will endeavour to be:
    • Transparent in our dealings with you.
    • Be honest about the site and any areas of concern/limitations.
    • Provide ‘best price’ first time so that you don’t have to haggle or shop around.
    • Support you through the process.
    • Provide one named point of contact in the office for continuity.
    • Make things as easy for you as possible and work in alignment with your systems and processes.
    • Provide asset lists, as and when required in a format of your choice.
    • No limits – we will do what it takes to get the job done, we have completed generator and UPS installations in the strangest and most diverse of places.

Call us on 023 9278 3450 or e-mail us now:

We look forward to working with you.

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