G59 Testing & Grid Compliance

G59 Testing & Grid Compliance

P & I can now offer you a complete G59 testing service for the expanding needs of our clients whether it is for diesel, wind, solar or tidal applications.  If you require your site to parallel to the mains then a G59 protection relay is required to protect the local network and your generation plant whilst running in parallel with each other.  This protection relay will need to be witnessed by the local network operator before being allowed to connect to the local mains electrical network.

G59 & Grid Compliance

Using the T & R DVS 3 test unit, we can perform the following tests on the protection relay:

  • Over volts – single and multi-phase faults
  • Under volts – single and multi-phase faults
  • Over frequency
  • Under frequency
  • Vector shift
  • Rate of change of frequency (ROCOF)

Records of each test will be documented for the client and signed off by the network operator upon completion.  If the network operator wants any modifications done to the controls to get the system signed off, we can also perform this for you.

As we have an in-house design and installation team we can provide you with a full package for your G59 testing, including the following:

  • Perform a survey of your site and produce the necessary connection agreement paperwork for your local network supplier.
  • Carry out synchronisation test to check that your generation plant is safe to operate in parallel with the local network or other generation plant.  Discuss modifications that might be required to enable the G59 test equipment to be connected to the clients switchgear/generator plant.
  • Organise the testing and liaise between the local network operator, equipment suppliers, the client and P & I.
  • Provide engineering staff to perform any remedial work that might to be required as a result of the tests.

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