Fuel Polishing & Cleaning

What is fuel polishing?

Fuel polishing is the process whereby diesel fuel is moved through filter media using a pump which operates independently of any other pumps.

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Why clean stored diesel fuel?

Diesel engine fuel, when bulk stored for extended periods, can easily become contaminated with any number of foreign bodies from water and dirt to airborne microbes – a situation recognised by many of the major oil companies who now recommend that fuel and fuel tanks are cleaned on a regular basis.

Contaminated fuel can have a serious impact on engine life, performance and reliability, in particular where high pressure common rail injection systems are used on modern engines.

Fuel polishing systems offer simple and reliable solutions to the problem faced by operators and rental companies who store diesel in environments subject to water ingress or general contamination.

In each case, fuel is pumped from storage tank and polished removing virtually 100% of water and all particles down to 5 microns before returning back to tank, eliminating the expense of totally removing or replacing the fuel.

We can come to your site and use a specially designed machine to condition the fuel in your tank. This service is quick and simple and it will usually be much cheaper than replacing all the fuel!

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