Reducing P & I Carbon Footprint

Taking steps to reduce our carbon footprint.

How we worked out our Carbon Footprint for 1st April 2015 to 31st March 2016

P & I Generators - Environment
Quantified emissions breakdown over one year

Scope 1 – direct emissions CO2e (tonnes): Owned road vehicles 172.27 (tonnes)

Scope 2 – indirect emissions ‘electricity and imports’ CO2e (tonnes): Electricity 22.80 (tonnes)

Total 196.19 CO2e (tonnes)

Scopes have been identified by the Greenhouse Gas Emissions Protocol (WRI 2004) and they are defined by where carbon and green house gas emissions are generated as a result of an organisation’s activities.

We chose the carbon footprint Scope 1 and 2 as our operational boundary as these establish the carbon emissions for which P & I takes direct responsibility for.  These are the areas of our business that we can manage and that we can measure with a degree of accuracy.

Our policy is to control carbon and water consumption in order to:

  • Meet the information demands of our customers – Helps us to meet customer requests for information on our greenhouse gas emissions.  This is becoming an increasingly important element of the procurement process
  • Increase brand marketing within an environmentally conscious customer base
  • Generate new business – If we reduce our costs we can become more competitive and bring in new customers
  • Do our bit – For all our staff to understand the contribution our business is making to climate change and reduce it
  • Improve business efficiency – reducing costs and improving profit margins
  • Save money – To help us identify which of our business activities use a lot of energy and so help us reduce energy and resource use

If you have any environmental concerns relating to our business, please contact Paul Benfield – P & I Generators Management Representative ISO 14001.

It’s been lovely working with you. You’ve worked hard to implement our complicated project in different sites all over England. You’re organised, professional, flexible, adaptable, helpful and easy to work with.

Gina Agboh – Highways Agency

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