Control Panels

Control Panels

Electrical Panels

P & I build control systems for any customer’s generator, LV/HV switchgear and UPS system.  We will also build bespoke designs for any control system and have built control panels for the local water authorities and HVAC companies.  We have the in house capability to design, draw, procure, manufacture and test panels to your specification.

Generator Control

We offer a complete range of standard generator control panels from stock.  The range starts with a simple auto-start control unit and progresses through the range to a state-of-the-art unit capable of synchronising, load sharing and peak lopping.

Standard features are:

  • Fuel and start solenoid control
  • Engine temperature high shut down
  • Emergency stop facility
  • Oil pressure low shut down
  • Voltage and frequency monitoring
  • Common alarm volt free contact for telemetry

Apart from the entry level unit these can be configured and expanded to suit your particular requirements such as: Current/overload monitoring

  • Fuel tank control
  • Remote radiator systems
  • Ventilation/louvre control
  • Load shedding systems
  • SCADA/BMS monitoring capabilities by volt-free contacts or communication networks.
Control Panels

Automatic Mains Failure and Transfer Systems

Our standard range of main/standby supply switchgear panels are available from stock. All of these come with the following facilities:

  • Mechanically and electrically interlocked contactors
  • Three phase sensing on mains and generator supply
  • Return to mains timer
  • Indicators for supply status
  • Mains failure test switch

A more advanced unit is available with voltage, frequency, alarms and Modbus telemetry capabilities.

LV Switchboards

We offer a complete design and build facility for integrated distribution and motor control centres. These can be engineered to meet site specific situations and layouts and include facilities such as power factor correction and load shedding.

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