Battery Testing

Battery Testing

Battery testing can comprise of various methods. Load testing a battery is a true way to prove the actual capacity as well as the integrity of the entire system. However the disadvantage of battery testing in this way is that discharging the battery actually reduces its life span and once the battery is discharged it then remains unable to protect the load until it has recharged. Even with this major disadvantage load testing shortly after installation of a new battery and again as the battery reaches around 60% of its life span, is recommended to confirm that the expected capacity is still correct. As long as the battery is maintained properly and internal resistance monitored, there is normally no need for excessive load testing beyond this.

Battery Testing

Battery testing such as impedance or conductance testing can be used to accurately determine the internal resistance of the battery. Analysing this data alongside the known specification from the manufacturers and known baseline data, the state of health of the battery can be determined. Where an individual block has failed this can be identified and where appropriate the replacement of only that block can sometimes be a cost effective solution over emergency replacement of an entire string.

With periodic testing, the battery history can be recorded and trends analysed over the service life. This analysis can help identify weaker cells so that action can be taken before a more potentially serious problem arises.

Virtually any battery problem will lead to a rise in the internal resistance and as a battery approaches the end of its life cycle, the rate of change in internal resistance that occurs rises. Measuring, analysing and trending the internal resistance should therefore be a crucial part of your UPS and battery maintenance program.

P & I can test your batteries and provide a full report detailing the state of each block and advise on any remedial action required.

To discuss maintenance and testing of your UPS batteries or for replacement, safe disposal or relocation of your batteries please contact our service team who will be happy to assist.

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