Battery Maintenance

Battery Maintenance

There are many factors that can have an effect on the service life of your battery, these include:

  1. Temperature
  2. Frequency and depth of battery discharges
  3. Battery age
  4. Battery suitability for the load
  5. Maintenance regimes
  6. Charging and excessive ripple to the battery
  7. Quality of the installation
  8. General manufacturing variance and defects

A regular battery maintenance program is vital to ensure the resilience of your power protection and early detection of weak or failing battery blocks.  A single weak cell that exists within a string can compromise the integrity of the entire power protection system.  So the battery is a crucial aspect of your critical power protection and the identification and replacement of any failing blocks or strings should occur before there is any potential of a catastrophic failure.

Battery Maintenance

Our expert DC trained engineers can maintain all types of batteries in all makes and models of UPS as well as generator starting batteries.

As part of the UPS battery maintenance program our engineers can test battery strings to determine the voltage and internal resistance of each block to obtain an indication of the health of the battery.

As batteries reach their end of service life they have to be disposed of safely in order to protect the environment. The removal and disposal of batteries is governed by statutory waste regulations and as registered waste carriers we are able to remove and dispose of your batteries and equipment for recycling.

To discuss your UPS battery maintenance, replacement, testing, safe disposal or relocation of your batteries or other critical power equipment please contact our service team who will be happy to assist.

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